Weekly News Round-Up: Feb 10, 2013

Hot New Marketplace for 3D Printable Objects Caught Offering Stolen Jewelry – A 3D printing startup in Cincinnati gets in hot water for “mistakenly” listing artists’ and designers’ files for sale to print at home, without credit, compensation or even…the actual files.- via Wired.com

A Response to Sam Jacob, 3D Printing’s Dissenter –  An interesting discussion on whether or not 3D printing cheapens the production process. “[Jacob] disapproves of the impending ‘removal of the production process between the designer and their artifact, a shortening of the distance between their imagination and its physical product,’ which he sees as a shortcut that ultimately cheapens the design process. I would argue that the removal of the physical aspect of the design process — drawing, handcrafting, etc. — has been a longstanding qualm that the old guard…has had with the new.” – via ArtInfo.com

Startup News for NYC – MakerBot is launching a series of workshops, classes and lectures for anyone eager to learn the nuances of 3D printing. The company’s retail location at 298 Mulberry Street will feature lessons like “Setting Up and Maintaining Your New MakerBot” on Friday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. At $35 per class (this varies depending on which one you attend) space is limited, so register in advance. – via BetaBeat

Transform Your Facebook Profile Into A 3D Printed Sculpture With The Creators Project – Interesting project where Shapeways has partnered with The Creators Project to allow anyone to visualize their Facebook profile as one of three 3D printed objects.  – via theCreatorsProject.com

Building a Lunar Space Agency with 3D Printing  – The European Space Agency is testing the feasibility of using 3D printers to build a lunar base using soil and materials from the moon. They estimate that the next generation of printers would be able to build a building in a week. via ESA.inc

9 Seriously Mind Blowing Things You Can Make With a 3D Printer – From bicycles to bikinis, here’s a quick overview of projects that can be created with a 3D printer.via PolicyMic.com

Innovation begins with education. This is something that rang true for the team behind the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which marks it’s 25th anniversary this year. What started as a discussion between Mode Collective, The Architect’s Newspaper and public relations firm Tobin and Tucker on the role of education at the ICFF, evolved into DesignX. […]

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