Kimberly Orvitz Q&A with Duann Scott of Shapeways

Asked why 3D printing is so revolutionary in the fashion industry, Duann Scott, Designer Evangelist at Shapeways says,

“it is perfect for fast iterations and custom forms. You can make an item exactly fit one person and there is no additional cost for that customization.  Also with 3D printing, everything can be fabricated on demand, there is no minimum order run and supply exactly meets demand…there is no need for inventory, no excess stock, none of last years’ line you need to sell at a discount.”

No excess inventory or old product? Sounds like a retailers dream come true!

Find more of the Q&A here.

Innovation begins with education. This is something that rang true for the team behind the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which marks it’s 25th anniversary this year. What started as a discussion between Mode Collective, The Architect’s Newspaper and public relations firm Tobin and Tucker on the role of education at the ICFF, evolved into DesignX. […]

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