Weekly News Round-Up: March 3, 2013

Ed. note: We missed last week’s round up (sincerest apologies, PrintingDress’ers), so we’ve synthesized all the news from the past two weeks. We promise to make it to the presses on time from here on out! 

3D Printing Promises to Change Everything – Nothing we haven’t seen before, but a neat roundup of some recent projects in the 3D printed world, including a shout-out to Belgian leader in the 3D fashion space, Materialise-via Scientific American

Fashion Week: Fashion and Tech Mix and Match – Google glasses, Iris van Herpen, the Decoded Fashion event – all covered here in a fashtech hodgepodge of fun.  If I was a fashion retailer or brand, I’d start doing some tech integrations for the PR value alone.   – via PCMag.com

The Future is Now (and Free!) Thanks to Some 3D Printing Magic – 3D printing in Refinery29? Now we’re getting somewhere! Nokia + Makerbot team up to make free, customizable phone cases for Lumia phones. All you need is access to a Makerbot printer, and your free customized file. This is a fun, smart way to engage techy consumers. – via Refinery29

BOOK REVIEW: Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing – Confession, this book has been sitting on our bedside table, just waiting for us to read + review. This glowing overview of the non-fiction primer on all things 3D printing only has us more excited to crack open Fabricated. – via Scientific American

The 3D Printing Revolution – Lengthy overview of 3D printing, with this gem: “Pearce [a materials scientist at Michigan Technological University] envisions a future in which many homes will have a 3-D printer, and items such as dinner plates, coat hooks, shoes and clothing will be printed as needed. (Couture 3-D printed clothing and shoes already exist.) But these won’t be ordinary accessories. They will be custom designed to fit the needs and aesthetics of a particular person or family. – via Scientific American (ed. note: Scientific American killing it this week! Keep the 3D printing coverage coming)

Are 3D Printed Accessories the Future of Fashion? – It’s official, folks – 3D fashion is going mainstream, and Lucky wants to know more about it. Our prediction? 3D fashion will be  much more than just accessories. – via LuckyMag.com

3D? Feh. MIT has already moved on to 4D printing (video) – We’re definitely not ready to get our heads around 4D printing, but the folks at MIT sure are. Researchers are working on 4D printed objects, meaning those that would change their shape over the fourth dimension, time. – via Engadget.com

Innovation begins with education. This is something that rang true for the team behind the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which marks it’s 25th anniversary this year. What started as a discussion between Mode Collective, The Architect’s Newspaper and public relations firm Tobin and Tucker on the role of education at the ICFF, evolved into DesignX. […]

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