Weekly News Round-Up: April 15, 2013

Where’s all the 3D fashion news this week? We’re getting used to our Dita von Teeses in additive dresses, and couture gowns down the runways of Paris. Fingers crossed for more exciting fashtech news in the next 7 days. Coming up this week: a recap on our visit to Lucky FABB in LA, and our favorite 3D find of the week. We also have something printing at Dreambox in Berkeley, and are anxiously awaiting our 3Doodler to arrive! 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Boston tonight. 

3D Printing is Eden Prairie Firm’s Next Big Thing –  Neat overview of Stratasys and what they’re doing to advance 3D printing. Stratasys’ machines work with more than 100 different kinds of plastic. In the future, the company’s machines may also print in glass, metal and other materials that some competitors use. Did you know their printers range from $10k to $60k? Price comparison coming soon!  –  via Martin Moylan for MPR.org

Emotional E-Commerce: The Next Wave of E-Commerce? – Jason Goldberg of Fab.com writes about how the next wave of opportunity in e-commerce is emotional commerce: non-commodity purchases where the buyer makes a purchase decision based on brand, amazing shopping experiences and exciting products. 3D printing could be huge here as it affords the opportunity to create extremely customizable/personalized products for relatively low cost.  – via Nic Brisbourne of VCCircle.com

Innovation begins with education. This is something that rang true for the team behind the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), which marks it’s 25th anniversary this year. What started as a discussion between Mode Collective, The Architect’s Newspaper and public relations firm Tobin and Tucker on the role of education at the ICFF, evolved into DesignX. […]

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